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Combatting Loyalty Fraud

Navigate the challenges of loyalty fraud, to safeguard your rewards program and protect your customers. Loyalty fraud poses a significant threat to businesses offering rewards

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Maximising Retail Asset Protection

Understanding Retail Loss Prevention Retail loss prevention encompasses strategies businesses use to minimize shrinkage, which can result from various factors, including: Shoplifting Internal theft Inventory

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UK Retail Crime
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2024 UK Crime Survey

Addressing the Escalating Crime Crisis in the UK “Retail: The Backbone of the UK’s Socio-Economic Structure” Retail stands as a cornerstone of the UK’s socio-economic

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Business continuity
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Business Continuity For Retail

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, organisations face numerous uncertainties and potential disruptions. To ensure sustainable success, it is essential for businesses to recognise

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Play Video about Empowerment in the workplace
Empowerment & Your Tomorrow

An inspirational leader who shares her positive outlook with passion and spirit. 

As a women’s empowerment coach she shares with us her insights

Play Video about Inventory Management Guru
Inventory Management Guru

The inventory management is often a forgotten topic beyond sales and replenishment

We have 2 experts who will share their insights and knowledge base

Play Video about we fight fraud together
Criminal Activty Vs. Criminal Insights

Tony Sales is one of very few people to have ever worked at the summits of both organised crime and fraud and loss prevention.

Tony shares with us his insights in this latest podcast

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