Operational Risk Management
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We work with People, Teams, and Organisations

Managing risk is an inherent part of delivering organisational success today. Our course covers risk management in a dynamic and interactive learning environment.
We extend our training and development for Senior Leadership and Rising talent who often require a 1:1 mentoring  program to upskill their Commercial strategic thinking alongside delivering business performance to maximise each part of the business.


The New World Norm bespoke course uses a combination of case studies, practical exercises and current affairs to bring material to life.

Our experienced trainer will bring you and your team a wealth of industry expertise. 

There has never been a time of greater uncertainty, change, and volatility in the business world.

The  programme is expertly designed to help you identify potential financial, corporate and environmental risks facing your organisation today and build practical tools and frameworks to measure  those risks and improve performance in these unpredictable times.

Who should take this course?.

  • Anyone who needs to understand risk management and the role it plays in their area of business responsibility.

  • Anyone who needs to know how risk affects strategy and decision-making.


The Risk Management programme challenges you to think critically and creatively about risk. You will emerge from the programme with the understanding and the  capabilities to:

  • Assess risk management practices and frameworks and apply them to real-world industry contexts.
  • Critically evaluate risk management data and reports.
  • Practical risk management tool kit designed for immediate use in your current role.
  • Understanding how risk management can be used to both maximise opportunities and minimise threats.


loss prevention mentoring

1:1 Senior leadership coaching

We enjoy working with brave leaders  who dare to discover who they are and still look to push the boundaries of thinking.

We believe that through empowering leadership behaviour people unlock their true potential & superpower and embrace who they are about to become.  

1:1 Coaching 

We offer Monthly 1:1 online coaching sessions with your Senior Leadership coach which provides a confidential environment for leaders to come to that is for personal leadership development and support.

Leadership Platform 

We understand that time is valuable for leaders so we also offer the option of online face-to-face learning so leaders don’t need to leave the office or travel to develop their skills and share ideas.

If you want the 1:1 Leadership coaching as part of a leadership or talent strategy or a one-off exploring session you’ll notice from the outset that Leadership style takes a refreshingly unique approach.

We create an environment in which you can discover your super power.

rising talent

rising talent 1:1 mentoring

In your current role you are seen as the next future leader in Operational Risk Management. you have a talent to achieve great performance. 

In our experience stepping up to become a leader can sometimes create a level of uncertainty in yourself ability and leadership approach

The New World Norm 1:1 mentoring is the perfect option for rising talent that need to learn strategy alongside their own leadership style.

Its time to lead through people to drive the business performance and this is a skill all by its self.

Your personal branding will part of your leadership style and ultimately play an important role in your leadership success.

Teams have expectations of how they are managed, have considered that you need to adjust to this? The good news is that this is all explained in our 1:1 rising talent mentoring.

Our experience has mentored rising talent in multiple businesses globall in various industried across the risk mangement industry.

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