Business Continuity
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Business Continuity & Resilience

New risks are emerging faster than ever. Given our deep expertise in risk management, we are well-placed to provide the foundation for business processes that help build resilience and drive growth.
Our business continuity and crisis management programs foster organised, adaptive responses, while our risk assessments leverage our granular, on-the-ground knowledge, experience, and methodologies to identify and monitor key risks to your organization, workforce, and assets.
The complexity of managing a business can increase significantly when global events, such as pandemics, cyberattacks, geopolitical shifts, or supply chain disruptions, impact not only your organisation and employees, but also your customers, suppliers, and the economies in which you operate and strengthen your business resilience.
business continuity planning

business continuity planning

We  review your Business Environment and Internal Control Factors to build an effective business continuity plan which is a critical tool for ensuring the continued operation of a business during unexpected events or incidents.

We identify potential disruptions and develop strategies to address them, to reduce financial losses, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Regular testing and evaluation of the plan is essential to ensure its effectiveness and adaptability to changing circumstances. Investing in a business continuity plan that considers both external and internal factors is critical to mitigate risks and ensure long-term success.

DISASTER Recovery Plan

disaster recovery plan

At New World Norm operational risk management we have experience in handling all types of disasters from Active Sooters, Natural Disasters, Supply Chain Disruption, Adverse Brand Impacts to Covid

Our plan will outline procedures and resources needed to maintain essential operations, as well as a communication strategy to keep employees and stakeholders informed.

Regular testing and evaluation of the plan will be essential to ensure its effectiveness and adaptability to changing circumstances.

The principle of the disaster recovery planning is aimed at  minimising business downtime, reduce financial losses, maintain customer satisfaction, and protect a business’s reputation.


Risk Operation Centre

Risk Operation Centre

We have been instrumental in setting up Risk Operation Centre’s (ROC) to enable clients to fully manage their end to end Business Continuity& Resilience strategy.

A ROC serves as a centralised hub for real-time risk monitoring, early warning, and response coordination.

It can help identify potential risks and assess their impact, allowing for prompt and effective decision-making.

The ROC can also provide a platform for communication and collaboration among stakeholders, including employees, government agencies, and local authorities.

By utilizing a ROC, organizations can improve their overall situational awareness, reduce response times, and enhance their ability to mitigate risks and manage disasters effectively.

Ultimately, this can help minimise downtime, reduce financial losses, and protect a business’s reputation.

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