Supply Chain Risk Management
and Interruption


Supply Chain Business Interruption

As experienced consultants in supply chain management, we offer a range of services to help businesses minimise the negative effects of supply chain interruptions.
New World Norm provide solutions to mitigate risk for the end to end supply chain, from shipping, middle mile logistics, warehousing to final mile delivery.
Once your product is shipped the supply chain becomes vulnerable to missing stock leading to  lost sales and revenue, customer satisfaction through availability and the potential for increased costs caused by supply chain issues.
With our expertise, NWN provides efficient and reliable operations, enabling businesses to continue to thrive despite supply chain challenges.


New World Norm Logistics Risk Management  team assesses exposures, and measures the likely losses.

For unacceptable risk exposures, the team
recommends cost-effective solutions.

The circumstances that lead to cargo and stock losses will differ for each organisation according to the method of shipping, transportation, and the warehouse management.

We know from our vast experience and insights that  key areas, such as cargo, route, storage, driver, and vehicle, when studied, can help analyse the causes of cargo losses.

Once the causes are known, all or most cargo losses can
be prevented.

Stock management


Stock management is at the core of every good-based business, whether it operates with B2C or B2B. 

Inventory management is a pressing concern for any business. Even though you practice the best inventory monitoring strategy, the errors keep continuing to impact your business. 

It has been reported that 25% 0f the inventory differences occurs due to administrative errors, resulting  in excessive workload across the business.

Some businesses report their accuracy rate at 86% which has a direct to poor replenishment cycle, under performing sales and the customer experience and retention.

New World Norm evaluate all of these impacts as part of designing your strategy, which will add benefit across the entire business.

Inventory management


Inventory management is vital to a company’s health because it helps ensure that the business have the correct stock availability to support sale growth without overstocking and impacting cash flow or further discounting out of season stock.

At New World Norm we have setup clients Stock Inventory Management across 31 countries and strategically driven the entire supply chain to maximise sales, profit and Customer satisfaction.

We are highly experienced in managing the impacts that centre around accurate Inventory Management and capitalise on the full benefits end to end. With this level of insights from data capture, analysis and operational excellence we offer the best strategy, that achieves the greatest outcome.

Our understanding of how a world class supply chain should operate places us as an effective partner.

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