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Connecting Service, Solution and Innovation to Clients Needs

In our 30 years experience we have established a network of trusted world class services, solution and innovation vendors who have demonstrated that their solutions meet the standards required to be a New World Norm Certified Partner.
Our aim is to work with clients who have a solution and then match to our certified partners that are most suited to the clients needs, through specification, design and costs.
We are an official B2B connector between industries 


New World Norm Offers a dedicated Operational Risk Management  process optimisation and cost reduction for our clients and support them in the transformation of procurement solutions

NWN utilise’s our 30 years of Vendor knowledge to match the needs of clients with the best service and supplier vendor.

We only use Certified partners who have the ability and infrastructure to provide the best solution and we have matched £80.4M in the first quarter of the year.

When our client needs to procure solutions and services, they turn to us for the best match to reduce the business costs through extensive vendor short listing

In addition we can often offer the latest innovation, as we stay at the forefront of innovation to improve the output for each business we represent.

Our client has no risk for this service as it is free for the procuring service Certified Partner match



We believe in making things simple and when you are in need of a solution the process, is as easy as 1-2-3. 

Step 1. 

Click this link to the booking portal to find a time and day that works best for you.

Select the day and time slot & enter some details.

Step 2. 

At the day time you have chosen we will have a 1:1 virtual meeting and talk through your needs, timescales and budget requirements.

Step 3. 

We collate the details and within 24 hrs complete a Certified Partner search and start the enrolling process

We enrol the certified partner, who will already be on a NDA by creating an introductory outline of the project, which you will receive a copy off & then the Certified partner will make contact with you within 3 days



We welcome new Certified Partners to offer our clients the best solution on the market.

If you have worked with us before or have new and exciting innovation we would welcome the opportunity to share with you how we can support you in a crowded market.

By joining the New World Norm certified partner hub, you will have access to our clients when their needs match your service or solution.

The Certified Partner program cuts down ‘prospect leads’ by generating ‘qualified leads’ these are clients who have a need and are financially committed.

To join the New World Norm Certified Partner Hub, click this link and lets talk through the various options on how we can be your outsourced commercial sales function and brand marketing team so that you get fully noticed by the key leaders and budget holders.

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