We are built on a foundation of honesty and integrity and support key decision makers, make the right commercial decisions

About Us

I am the founder of New World Norm, Loss Prevention and Operational Risk Management Consultancy which I formed as a direct result of the changing market of risk.

During my career of 30 years, half of which I was operating as a Senior Leader globally across 31 Countries, managing teams, business strategy and owned the risk matrix for People, Property and Profits, reporting into the Executive board.

During my career I have personally visited  31 countries to to create and implement fully effective strategies that has provided a financial benefit of +£900M

At NWN, we understand that risk management and loss prevention are critical components of any business’ success. I have designed NWN to help our clients achieve the highest level of success through tailored, comprehensive risk management and loss prevention solutions.

 Throughout my career, I have gained valuable insights into the importance of truly understanding a business’ operations, business values, and long-term goals in order to deliver high-performance solutions.

We do not rely on cookie-cutter templates, NWN takes a unique, personalised approach to each client’s needs. By taking the time to truly understand a business and its objectives, we are able to create customised solutions that deliver real results.

But that’s not all. NWN is also committed to fostering diversity and innovation by encouraging young leadership and women leaders. Our comprehensive training program is specifically designed to help future leaders and teams achieve the highest level of effectiveness.

If you want to take your business to the next level and gain a competitive edge, look no further than NWN. With our personalised approach and commitment to fostering diversity, we’ll help you navigate risk and prevent loss, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Tim Moore

We have one goal: Reduce Risk and Improve Loss Prevention

Our mission is to help you achieve operational excellence through innovative risk mitigation strategies that improve efficiency, drive business performance, and create value. We are dedicated to continuously improving the effectiveness of your operations

  • We are dedicated to being an excellent partner to our clients and supporting their ambitious goals. We are passionate about championing the missions that inspire them

  • We strive to bring innovative management practices to our clients, helping them to continuously improve and stay ahead of the curve

  • Our goal is to empower our clients with the capabilities they need to sustain improvement and drive long-term success

  • We leverage our global network to provide the best solutions to all of our clients, no matter where they are located.

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Our Risk Management Approach

At NWN Consulting, we use expert knowledge, advanced technology and global market data to quickly deliver impactful solutions that help our clients identify opportunities for improvement, understand market trends, and make fact based decisions. Our approach transforms the way critical business risks are managed, resulting in improved business outcomes.

Our Values

Client Focus

We do what matters with Integrity & Excellence


We do what is right.


We never stop learning and improving.