Assault on Retail Workers to Become a Specific Criminal Offence

New Strategies to Address Retail Crime In a recent development, the UK government has taken a definitive step towards reinforcing the safety of retail workers by proposing a specific criminal offence for assaults against them. This announcement was made during a Retail Crime meeting at No.10 Downing Street, chaired by the Policing Minister, which focused […]

Building Supply Chain Resilience: Insights from the Baltimore Incident

Building Supply Chain Resilience: The recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, significantly impacting operations at one of the key ports on the US eastern seaboard, highlights the critical need for robust supply chain resilience. This event serves as a stark reminder that, while the COVID-19 pandemic heightened the focus on supply chain adaptability, […]

Empowering Employees with Purpose: A Key to Retention and Engagement

A Key to Retention and Engagement In the wake of recent global challenges, the quest for purpose in the workplace has never been more critical. Discover how aligning employee and organizational purpose can drive productivity, loyalty, and well-being. In today’s dynamic work environment, employees increasingly seek meaningful engagement from their roles, viewing their jobs as […]

Combatting Loyalty Fraud

Navigate the challenges of loyalty fraud, to safeguard your rewards program and protect your customers. Loyalty fraud poses a significant threat to businesses offering rewards programs, with fraudsters exploiting these schemes for unauthorized access and misuse. This type of fraud not only targets the rewards but also exchanges them for goods or uses them as […]

Maximising Retail Asset Protection

Understanding Retail Loss Prevention Retail loss prevention encompasses strategies businesses use to minimize shrinkage, which can result from various factors, including: Shoplifting Internal theft Inventory loss Operational errors Human error Damage to merchandise Shrinkage refers to inventory loss for reasons other than sales, posing a significant challenge in the retail sector. With daily losses exceeding […]

Importance of Security Measures During Economic Downturns

The Role of Security in Sustaining Business During Financial Uncertainties In the face of the UK’s looming recession, companies are scrutinising every expense, pondering the necessity of security investments in such times. Tim Moore, Global Director of Risk Management at New World Norm, sheds light on why bolstering security frameworks is not just beneficial but […]

Combating Business and Retail Crime: A Strategic Approach

Business Crime

Unveiling Effective Strategies for Business and Retail Crime Prevention In the face of escalating business and retail crime, the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) has taken a proactive stance with the release of its comprehensive report, Tackling Business & Retail Crime In Focus report, : A Strategic Approach.” This pivotal document showcases a series […]

Navigating Emerging Threats: The Future of Security Industry Evolution

security threats

Adapting to New Challenges with Advanced Security Solutions In the rapidly evolving landscape of global security, the industry faces the challenge of keeping pace with emerging threats and technological advancements. Here are the key areas of focus for a future-proof security strategy: Cybersecurity Enhancement: As cyber threats grow, a profound understanding of cybersecurity principles becomes […]

Navigating Financial Uncertainty with Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain

How Supply Chain Finance is Becoming a Beacon for Businesses in Turbulent Times In an era marked by financial risk and uncertainty, supply chain finance (SCF) emerges as a critical strategy for businesses aiming to adapt their supply chains to the fluctuating market demands. At the heart of every decision lies a fundamental concern: financial […]

How RFID Technology Elevates on Shelf Availability and Enhances Customer Satisfaction


Maximizing Efficiency with RFID: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success Few situations undermine revenue as significantly as poor on-shelf availability. After all, customers cannot purchase items that aren’t there! This issue doesn’t just affect immediate sales; between 21% to 43% of customers will visit another store if they encounter a stockout at their preferred retailer, a […]