UK’s counter-terror chief warns of ‘unprecedented’ rise in terrorism threat since Israel-Gaza war started

UK Faces Unprecedented Terrorism Threat in Wake of Israel-Gaza Conflict

Matt Jukes, the Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner, has expressed grave concerns about the current global instability, describing it as “the most dangerous and uncertain since the Cold War.” The UK is witnessing an unprecedented rise in terrorism threats following the Israel-Gaza conflict, marking a significant radicalisation moment, according to Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer.

The current threat to the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) from terrorism is SUBSTANTIAL. Meaning – ‘an attack is likely’

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In 2023, Britain has faced an unprecedented rise in terrorism threats, particularly following the conflict in Gaza, which Jukes describes as a significant moment of radicalisation.

The Metropolitan Police have reported a 25% increase in intelligence related to potential terrorism and violent extremism, a notable rise from previous years. This increase encompasses online reports, public submissions, and information from MI5. Jukes, with his experience as the former chief constable for South Wales Police and current head of specialist operations at Scotland Yard, noted that Islamist extremists have been particularly motivated by the recent conflict.

The situation has led to a surge in calls to the anti-terrorism hotline and a significant number of arrests for terrorism offences, including those related to protests, social media, and alleged attacks. The counter-terrorism internet referral unit has also seen an influx of referrals for objectionable material, with a substantial portion linked to the UK.

Jukes pointed out the alarming involvement of children in online extremist activities, with some as young as 11 engaged in troubling conversations. He emphasized that the current spike in terrorism-related incidents is higher and more sustained than previous trends, marking a critical moment of radicalisation.

The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, run by MI5, maintains the UK threat level at “substantial,” indicating that an attack is likely. Scotland Yard has also established a unit to address threats from hostile state actors, particularly focusing on Iran, Russia, and China.

In response to these challenges, the UK is investing in its armed forces and urging allies to increase their defence budgets. The Ministry of Defence acknowledges the challenges in military recruitment but is taking steps to address these issues, emphasising the importance of being prepared to defend national interests.

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