Navigating the Storm: The Essential Role of Multiple Crisis Management Plans in Business

The Essential Role Of Multiple Crisis Management Plans In Business

In the dynamic world of business, leaders must be prepared for a multitude of potential crises. The notion that a single crisis management plan is sufficient is a dangerous misconception. Just as a suit tailored for one occasion may not be suitable for another, a single crisis management plan cannot adequately address the diverse range of crises a company may encounter.

For instance, the response to a cyberattack will differ significantly from the reaction to litigation, labour strikes, or the sudden loss of a CEO. When an unforeseen emergency arises that isn’t covered in a basic plan, organizations can find themselves wasting precious time trying to devise a response strategy.

At New World Norm, we understand the importance of having multiple crisis management plans. Our in-house team work closely to develop comprehensive strategies that cover a wide range of potential crises, from  security threats to health concerns like pandemics, and even situations as specific as issues related to VIP Travel management.

Each of our plans is designed with specific nuances and considerations in mind, ensuring we are prepared for any eventuality. This includes identifying key contacts, establishing communication protocols with employees, and designating spokespersons for media or stakeholder interactions. By planning ahead, we can maintain a clear head and respond effectively when a crisis strikes.

The first step in our process is to categorise potential crises based on their potential impact, target audience, and associated stakeholders. This allows us to prioritise our response strategies and ensure we are prepared for any situation.

Our approach to crisis management is akin to carrying a fully stocked first-aid kit in your car, rather than just a box of band-aids. By preparing multiple plans tailored to diverse scenarios, we can promptly and aptly react, reducing the risk of substantial harm to our reputation and operations.

We recognise that even companies within the same industry can face different sets of challenges. That’s why we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and instead tailor our plans to address specific stakeholder issues. This enables us to maintain trust and respond efficiently during chaotic and trying moments.

Our crisis plans also include customised messaging for those impacted by different emergency situations. We understand that communication with employees will differ from communication with customers, and we ensure that the right message reaches the right audience.

For companies with multiple locations, we also prepare plans based on location, ensuring that we can respond effectively to crises that may affect specific areas.

At New World Norm, we are committed to being prepared for any crisis, ensuring that we can navigate any storm with confidence and professionalism.

safeguard your PEOPLE

safeguard your PEOPLE

Organisations face threats that vary widely depending on their industry sector, size, location, and the profiles of their brand.

Protecting staff in the workplace improves employee morale, reduces absenteeism and turnover, increases productivity, and reduces legal and insurance costs, leading to a more successful and sustainable business.

All staff should be able to come to work in an environment that allows them to operate at their best, and that’s why NWN are committed to delivering risk mitigation to high level

OPERATIONS risk prevention

OPERATIONS risk prevention

We specialise in the review, development, and implementation of operational risk management strategies, programmes, and capabilities.

We support you with bespoke consulting services which match your business needs.

Every business globally should be looking for increased efficiency, productivity, growth, and innovation.

Each business needs to examine its strategy, recalibrate and above all, implement its strategy to greatest effect so it does not stand still in the competitive market place

Asset protection

Asset protection

Protecting business assets is not just a matter of security, it’s a smart business strategy. 

We provide solutions that provide adequate protection for your business assets that are at risk of being damaged, stolen, or misused, resulting in significant financial losses and potential legal and reputational damage.

We prioritise your asset protection, so your businesses can maintain a competitive advantage and ensure uninterrupted operations.

This will build trust with stakeholders, employees and customers to create a strong foundation for long-term success and growth.