Three Attributes All Leaders Need To Survive In The Age Of ChatGPT


Over the past few months, the internet has been alight with essays, debates, and viewpoints on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will influence the world, from entire nations to individual workers and the potential for job losses. Headlines like “Are robots taking our jobs?” and “Is our employment safe from AI?” have mainly sown apprehension.

In the meantime, OpenAI’s ChatGTP has set a record as the fastest-growing app globally and boasts the quickest expanding user base ever.

In essence, ChatGTP is an AI language model utilising deep learning algorithms to produce text that mimics human conversation based on specific input. The model has been trained on vast datasets, enabling it to discern patterns and relationships in our language, resulting in its human-like replies. With over 175 billion parameters, this model is already significantly altering the professional landscape as we recognise it. While academic bodies might be concerned about students using ChatGTP for exam answers, businesses are captivated by the myriad practical uses this model offers – from devising a recruitment strategy to planning an exit scheme for non-technical personnel.

Trade unions are concerned that AI will replace their members’ roles; governments are considering the creation and funding of social safety nets for those displaced by AI. Paradoxically, entrepreneurs who’ve profited from developing and selling AI platforms to tech giants are urging governments to mull over a Universal Basic Income to mitigate the implications of such technologies.

The metaphorical floodgates have burst open in many countries, and it’s only a matter of time before we experience the full brunt of ChatGTP and other AI tools.

I foresee AI soon dominating areas like human capital management, financial analysis, academic teaching, legal research, and certain medical diagnostics. OpenAI’s founders recently posited that within the next decade, AI systems might surpass expert skill levels in most fields and undertake as much productive work as today’s major corporations.

Three qualities essential for thriving in the AI era: The pressing question isn’t “How can we prevent AI from taking our jobs?” but “What qualities must we embody as business leaders and managers to ensure we’re as invested in our company’s success as in nurturing our talent?”

I contend that three primary qualities will be crucial to adeptly navigate the AI landscape. While these can’t be directly taught, their cultivation can be encouraged through learning programmes and experiences for those eager to evolve and expand.

  1. Being purpose-driven The first quality is having a clear purpose. This entails grasping the bigger picture and its significance to oneself and others. It also involves proactively involving others to “walk the walk” and fulfil this overarching purpose – all while maintaining humility. After all, many leaders are still grappling with AI. Seek assistance and recognise that many are more knowledgeable than you.

  2. Being ethical This quality might not be as prevalent in our society as we’d hope. Acting in a way that mirrors the values of the individual, the company, and the broader community will foster core values like compassion, equality, and inclusivity. Acting rightly for the correct reasons is paramount. We must also acknowledge that, due to its training data, ChatGTP has its own biases.

  3. Having a growth mindset The last quality is the commitment to lifelong learning. Now, more than ever, there’s a plethora of knowledge accessible to anyone, be it from their dining table or via a mobile phone. This compels both corporate leaders and students to take charge of their education. Consequently, grasping both the positive and adverse effects of AI will enrich our comprehension of our environment.

While it’s unrealistic to assume AI’s integration into the workplace won’t impact anyone, it’s clear that the future lies in your hands. Don’t wait for others to learn and grow on your behalf, or you might find yourself a “victim” of ChatGTP or another AI system. Change is already upon us – are you prepared?

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