Specialists In Supply Chain Risk Management In The UK

Do you frequently suffer from disruptions to your supply chain?

There’s a number of common reasons for this to happen, including the variability of demand from customers, which leads to an excess or lack of stock. 

Other common risks to a supply chain include disruptions in the supply of materials and components, which can happen due to all kinds of unexpected events, from natural disasters to political conflicts. 

Having an unreliable supplier can pose a risk if they run into financial difficulties or fail to meet your quality or delivery requirements. 

Poor inventory management and quality control management are other factors that often pose threats to a supply chain. In the 21st century, cybercriminals can also cause data breaches and intellectual property theft. All in all, there are a complex array of reasons for a supply chain to fail, so you need to identify any weaknesses.


Eliminating the risks involved in running your supply chain is crucial.

Expert supply chain management offers a wealth of benefits to businesses in numerous industries, including the retail sector.

For starters, it can improve the continuity of your operations and reduce the risks of any interruptions or downtime. Our supply chain management experts can identify and target any potential risks that disrupt the supply chain or the flow of information involved.  This will help you to meet customer demands and fulfil orders with ease, even when the unexpected happens. 

Customers will enjoy greater levels of satisfaction and trust you more to deliver consistently and reliably. All of this helps build trust, loyalty, and enhance the reputation of your brand. 

Reduce the costs caused by production delays and inventory shortages.


Any disruptions to your supply chain can cause costs to soar. Reducing such problems will enable you to improve relationships with suppliers and introduce contingency plans to minimise the financial impact of disruptions.

Supply chain risk management can also help companies better meet regulatory requirements. 

The process shows that you’ve covered risk management, product traceability, and social or environmental responsibility. Having good risk management practises in place can help you avoid legal or reputational issues that may arise from non-compliance, which will also improve the confidence of any stakeholders involved. 

New World Norm has a team of experienced consultants who work hard to reduce the negative impact of supply chain interruptions.

We provide a range of solutions to reduce the  risk for the end to end supply chain, from shipping, logistics and warehousing to the final  delivery.

It’s our job to help you deliver efficient and reliable operations, enabling businesses to continue to thrive despite supply chain challenges. Our range of services include:

  • Logistics risk management
  • Storage risk management. 
  • Inventory Management 

Boasting over 30 years of experience in this industry, we’ve worked with companies in over 31 countries and helped to significantly increase their profitability. 

If you need experts in supply chain risk management, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information. 

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