Paris 2024 Summer Games

Strategic Planning for Enhanced Safety and Smooth Operation

With the Paris 2024 Summer Games on the horizon, organizations in France and those planning to participate are deep into preparations. The events, primarily hosted in Paris and the surrounding Île-de-France region, with additional venues nationwide, present unique security challenges and logistical considerations.

Security Considerations for Paris 2024

The Paris Games, a global spectacle, inherently attract security concerns, from terrorism to social unrest. Despite France’s low security risk rating, the dynamic French environment, recent protests, and the potential for cyber threats necessitate comprehensive risk assessments. Tailored to each organisation’s specific needs, these assessments should encompass terrorism, social unrest, petty crime, and more, ensuring all potential risks are accounted for.

Pre-event employee training on security awareness, behavior protocols, and emergency procedures is crucial. Unlike the tightly controlled environment of previous international sporting events, the open and vibrant setting of Paris increases the likelihood of spontaneous disruptions. Continuous monitoring and access to reliable information will be essential for navigating the complexities of the event.

Logistical Planning for the Games

Logistical challenges, from accommodation to transportation, require early and thorough planning. Secure lodging and travel arrangements are paramount, as demand will spike. Assessing the security measures of accommodations and preparing for increased local mobility demands will ensure business continuity and staff safety.

Incident Response Strategies

Organisations must develop detailed emergency response plans, including procedures for crisis situations and contacts for medical, security, and logistical support. Simulation exercises can enhance plan communication and preparedness. A security coordinator, activated for the Games’ duration, can offer real-time security advice and liaise with authorities as needed.

Supporting Your Organization

For over three decades, New World Norm has led in safeguarding the health, safety, and wellbeing of global workforces during major events. Offering round-the-clock assistance and on-the-ground support, we’re equipped to help navigate the complexities of the Paris 2024 Summer Games, ensuring a safe and successful experience for all participants.

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