Martyn’s Law – Being Crisis Prepared

In the realm of business, unforeseen challenges and disasters can strike at any moment, leaving organisations grappling to maintain stability and preserve their operations. It is during these critical moments that the true character of a business is tested—the ability to rise above adversity and emerge stronger than ever before.

Imagine a scenario where your organisation remains unscathed, swiftly bouncing back from the most devastating setbacks, and seamlessly continuing operations while others falter. Envision a future where disaster recovery and business continuity are not just buzzwords but ingrained in the very fabric of your organisation’s DNA—a testament to your unwavering commitment to success.

Here’s the truth: being prepared for disaster recovery and business continuity is not merely a pragmatic obligation but a transformative opportunity. It is a chance to instill a culture of resilience, fostering a spirit of innovation and adaptability within your teams. It is an invitation to transcend limitations, defy expectations, and embrace change with unwavering confidence.

Today, we stand at the forefront of a new era, armed with cutting-edge technologies, ground breaking strategies, and a wealth of collective knowledge to conquer the unpredictable. Together, we can build an impregnable fortress against disruptions, safeguarding your organisation’s future and cementing its position as an industry leader.

Now is the time to embark on a remarkable journey—a journey where chaos breeds strength, where challenges become catalysts for growth, and where every obstacle becomes an opportunity waiting to be seized. Are you ready to unlock the potential of preparedness? Join us as we chart a path to resilience, where your organisation not only survives but thrives in the face of adversity. The future belongs to those who dare to be prepared and are serious about safeguarding the customer, their people and their business.

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1. Understand the Threat

The first crucial step should involve the careful consideration and comprehension of the risks confronting your organization. While assessing these risks, it is important to keep in mind that terrorist groups frequently modify their targets, motivations, and attack methods over time. Additionally, it is advisable to take into account any factors that could indirectly make your organization a target, such as its proximity to neighbouring organisations.

2. Essential Tools for Understanding Organisational Threats

The Global Terrorism Database, media reporting of recent attacks and the National Threat Level are useful tools in understanding the threats facing your organisation. 

3. Conduct a Risk Assessment & Incident Response Plan

After identifying the primary threats to your organisation, it is crucial to initiate a risk assessment and determine suitable measures to mitigate these risks. During this process, it is important to recognise that organisations can be held accountable for either their failure to recognise an existing threat or their failure to effectively manage the situation in the event of an attack.

Additionally, organisations under Protect Duty are required to have an incident response plan in place. This should detail not just how you and your staff would respond to an incident occurring inside your organisation, but also how you would respond to an incident outside or near to you. 

4. Implement Protective Measures

When conducting your risk assessment and incident response plan there are likely to be gaps identified where new measures are required. This could include physical security measures such as;

  • Security doors
  • Blast-resistant glazing
  • Fences
  • Bollards
  • CCTV
  • Electronic access control
  • Intruder detection systems

Alternatively, less invasive technology could be implemented. For example, technology solutions that support the identification of potential threats, limit the opportunity for an attack and coordinate the response in the event of an attack.

5. Ensuring Adequate Staff Training

In order to ensure comprehensive security, it is essential to train staff on conducting pre-event checks. This training should encompass verifying the proper functionality of all security measures, including CCTV, metal detectors, and emergency exits.

New World Norm has developed specific  training, offering standardised and consistent action against terrorism for organisations. This training is accessible to all organisations, their staff, and the general public, serving as evidence of proactive protective measures in the event of an investigation.

Furthermore, when implementing new protective measures, such as technological solutions, it is crucial to provide staff with proper training on their usage. This training should be regularly revisited, at least annually, and made available to all new hires joining the organisation.

6. Post Event Review

Once an event has occurred, it is crucial to engage in reflective analysis to extract valuable lessons. This process involves evaluating the effectiveness of current measures to identify successful aspects and areas that require improvement.

Additionally, it entails assessing the need for any new measures to bolster preparedness. At New World Norm we support your business event review to limit future risks to your people, customers and business. Contact us today for more information

It is essential for your plans to continually evolve and improve, aligning with organizational and broader environmental changes. By embracing this approach, you can ensure that your security measures remain adaptive and effective in the face of evolving threats and circumstances.

7. How New World Norm Can Help You

In today’s rapidly advancing Risk landscape, new possibilities arise that can effectively safeguard people, assets, and environments. As we uncover innovative ways to leverage technology to our advantage, we also open doors to unprecedented opportunities for safety and security.

Organisations are entrusted with the responsibility of  navigating the delicate balance of maintaining visible safety and security measures while ensuring a non-intrusive experience for visitors.

At New World Norm, we strongly encourage proactive action rather than waiting for legislation to catch up with you. By taking immediate steps to establish comprehensive safety protocols, organisations can safeguard their premises and protect their stakeholders.

Not forgetting the principles of “Martyn’s Law,” we emphasise the importance of equipping everyone on the ground with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively in the event of a crisis.

Don’t delay in fortifying your defences. By acting now and implementing robust safety measures, you can establish a proactive and prepared environment. Our team will support you to be at the forefront of safety and security.

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